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IPR Industrial

A proven and experienced contractor that provides completely trenchless, non-invasive pipe relining and manhole rehabilitation services.

As a national leader in the rehabilitation of underground pipes and structures, IPR provides a comprehensive portfolio of trenchless rehabilitation services and technologies for a wide range of industrial pipe repair applications:

  • Chemical Processing
  • Petrochemical/Refining
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Heavy Manufacturing
  • Power Generation

Throughout our experience, we have found if you wait for a failure to happen, you are at risk of spending up to 7x more repairing leaking and collapsed pipes. Given your restricted budgets, we realize it is extremely difficult for you to predict the next problem. Because of this, you are perpetually in a state of "discovery" and forced to band-aid the latest emergency instead of preventing the next one.

IPR Industrial is an expert in the trenchless repair and renewal of collapsed or leaking pipes, deteriorated manholes, and pressure lines... that no longer hold pressure.

Inevitably you will identify your problems, but not before the leaking pipe contaminates the soil - adding more cost and more liability. Not only is this expensive, but potentially hazardous and harmful to your employees and surrounding community. We can help you avoid that. We have the resources and the experience to identify your problem areas before they fail, and help you build a case for funding. Let us help you reduce your risk of unplanned spending, costly process interruption, and safety & environmental violations. We will assess, inspect and permanently repair:

  • Process sewer lines
  • Fire water lines
  • Manholes
  • Gravity flow lines

For a fraction of what you are already paying each year, for a single, unplanned, outage, we will:

  • Assemble all available drawings of your underground infrastructure
  • Work with you to rank the components, relative to the safety, environmental impact, and level of risk to your process
  • Help you convert the gathered data into a well-defined funding request for a comprehensive inspection / repair plan
  • Provide "spot inspections" which may be required to support the funding request
  • If work is required, we will help you execute a defined number of spot inspections and use data collected to support the technical portion of your funding request

Our approach consistently demonstrates an immediate return on your investment, because it reduces your risk of unplanned outages and environmental exceptions. We believe there is inherently more value in executing your plan on your terms, compared to the terms imposed by a regulatory agency.

The IPR EcoCast™ Process
IPR Industrial Advanced CIPP Process