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Geopolymer mortar system rehabilitates pipes, culverts
September 2016

The geopolymer liner system can be used to restore structural integrity and extend the life of storm water structures with little impact on the pipe’s performance.

Trenchless Rehab Solution Ideal for Vista, CA Culvert Project
September 2016

High-strength polymer concrete liner provides cost-saving solution for rehabilitating corroded culvert.

A GeoPolymer Solution: Controlling Stormwater Infiltration in El Cajon, CA
July 2015

Having suffered consistent long-term exposure to the excessive groundwater flows, the city of El Cajon, CA knew it needed to do something.

EPA study validates spray-applied lining technology for large diameter pipe renewal
June 2014

An ultra-dense geopolymer mortar product is gaining traction as a trenchless pipeline repair remedy among cash-strapped municipalities, partly thanks to a recent Environmental Protection Agency vetting.

EcoCast™ used to restore Monteagle, TN Water Treatment Plant saving time and money
September 2013

The versatility of the product and the flexibility of the contractor were critical to this project’s success and the project stayed within budget.

Renewing the pipeline. IPR Renews Texas Water Treatment Plant effluent lines with CIPP
August 2013

Common logic tells us there are some things that simply cannot be put off. The repair or renewal of our nation’s water infrastructure is one of them.

Solutions That Fit
June 2013

Detroit’s IWPC avoids the one-size-fits-all approach when tackling tough sewer rehab projects across their broad service region.

CIPP Water Main Renewal Saves City Money & Avoids Lengthy Shut Down
June 2013

Inland Pipe Rehabilitation (IPR), recently installed cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) to renew more than 1,600 feet of water lines serving a North Dallas suburb water treatment plant.

GA Tech CIPP over the Hole
May 2013

A large-diameter CIPP installation eliminated the need to reroute a decrepit century-old storm sewer running beneath a crowded college campus in Georgia, US, says Mike Vellano.

IPR, EcoCast Thwart Threat of Sewer Collapse
July 2012

The threat that a large, severely deteriorated Houston sewer line could cause the collapse of a road at the intersection of a major highway was averted by a timely trenchless rehabilitation project. EcoCast geopolymer liner was used to reline 700 feet of 72-inch diameter pipe that crosses under heavily-traveled U.S. Highway 59 in Northeast Houston.

Expanding Service Offerings in Response to Stricter Regulations & Environmental Concerns
May 2012

We read about it every day. State and local governing bodies across the United States are leaving “no stone unturned” when it comes to finding more sustainable solutions at every level. Everywhere you look there are signs - electric cars, wind power, “green’ buildings, products made from recycled materials - the list goes on.

Understanding the Science Behind Advanced GeoPolymer Mortars
April 2012

Over the last two decades, the use of spray or centrifugally-applied, cementitious mortar systems have found their niche as a cost-effective and efficient method of rehabilitating very large circular and non-circular structures and manholes of all shapes, sizes and material makeup.

Industry Mourns the Passing of Pops
January 2012

Over the last week, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to some of Lester Luttrell’s close friends, family … even a competitor or two. I got an ear-full of stories. Most of them were hilarious, some of them were serious … but all of them ended with something like… That Lester, he was one hell of a man.

Pipe Bursting & CIPP Used to Rehab Wastewater Line in Dallas
July 2011

The line had collapsed by the upstream manhole, causing a massive backup. During its initial repair of the line, the city conducted a video inspection that revealed extensive corrosion damage as a result of high levels issued an emergency repair order.

CIPP Used to Upgrade Gravity Sewer Outfall in Michigan
December 2010

What does a municipality do when its current wastewater outfall sewer is rapidly reaching its capacity and approaching the end of its life cycle? That was the challenge faced by the City of Center Line, Mich., in 2008.

Giant Sinkhole Attributed to Pipe Collapse
August 2010

Like Many parts of San Antonio, the infrastructure around Mission Concepcion is under increasing pressure, with population growth and a thriving economy. Sometimes that infrastructure cannot handle the stress, as was the case on Sunday, February 7, 2010 - better known as Super Bowl Sunday. That day the San Antonio Water System (SAWS) got a report that there was a giant sinkhole developing on Benita Street, close to Mission Concepcion.

It's reality TV time in St. Clair Shores, as television cameras rolled into the city on Monday
November 2007

But this show isn’t about starlets or apprentices, and it won’t exactly draw big ratings. Instead, the cameras will go below the city’s surface to hunt for leaking, damaged or blocked sanitary sewer lines.