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Safety & Environment

At IPR, Safety is our #1 Priority

Inland Pipe Rehabilitation (IPR) is dedicated to the health and safety of all of its employees and those of its subcontractors. It is our desire that everyone involved in our projects recognizes the value of adhering to our safety program. We provide mandatory training courses, as necessary, to assure that all employees are aware of hazards on-site. We intend to provide full cooperation with all organizations and agencies regarding safety on the job site, in an effort to avoid accidents and injuries. It is the goal of the IPR and its family of companies to have 100% accident-free and injury-free projects.


The IPR Safety Council is responsible for providing the strategic direction for the Safety Program for all IPR Business Units. The mission for the Safety Council is as follows:

  • Establish the annual Corporate Goals and Objectives of our Safety Program.
  • Review the Safety Manager job description quarterly to ensure it meets our needs.
  • Review and evaluate our Safety Organization structure quarterly to ensure that our organization structure is positioned for success.
  • Review and approve the annual and quarterly training program for the organization.
  • Review our quarterly Safety Performance Report to understand our execution results, program effectiveness and personnel.
  • Provide recommendations to both Corporate and Business Unit leadership to drive an effective Safety culture across the organization.

Commitment to Safety

IPR fosters a safe and healthy workplace and incorporates the following principles into our daily activities:

  • Our values are demonstrated by active and visible leadership that engages our employees and stakeholders to execute our services with safety and environmental stewardship at top of mind.
  • Our safety, health and environmental policies are enforced and serve as a guide to control a major part of our daily activity in preventing employee accidents and injuries.
  • Accident prevention is good business by increasing productivity and minimizing human suffering.
  • Management commitments to safety is inherent and a key function through out our organization. Management is responsible for providing a reasonable workplace for our people and finding new ways to preserve the environment.
  • All employees are responsible for adhering to our safe work practices, company rules, and preventing accidents and injuries, thus working safely is a condition of employment at IPR.
  • Employees must at all times comply with our safety policies and procedures and be held accountable for such compliance in accordance with IPR and/or our clients disciplinary action plan.
  • Management is committed to monitoring safety performance, and our working environment conditions to ensure that our safety goals and objectives are met.
  • Our safety program requires the involvement of all employees to improve safety awareness and prevent accidents and injuries.
  • We will continually strive to improve our safety, health and environmental policies and procedures.

Environmental Policty

It will be the policy of the IPR companies to comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and policies, as set forth by local, State, and Federal agencies, as well as those of our clients, in a cost-effective manner, to protect our employees and assets, subcontractors, our clients' property, and the environment.

High environmental standards earn us our license to operate in the communities in which we work, reduce the potential for conflict with governmental agencies, build loyalty among our employees, and limit injury, waste, and business liability. Pro-active environmental care of chemicals and waste is a tangible, measurable, demonstration of the higher quality of service we provide to our clients. Management, superintendents, and supervisors will routinely review their operations for the purpose of making environmental quality improvements beyond those legally required, where such improvements provide significant benefits at a reasonable cost. They will ensure that any and all waste can be disposed of safely and consistently with appropriate environmental guidelines.

Management will continue to be guided and motivated by this policy, and with the cooperation of all employees will do our part to help provide and maintain environmentally safe work sites.