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An environmentally friendly, precision applied, structural lining system

IPR Leads the Market with EcoCast™ along with its development partner, Milliken Infrastructure Solutions Inc. adds a fifth crucial element - sustainability. Together, IPR and Milliken have introduced a proprietary system combining the most advanced installation equipment with a custom formulated geopolymer specifically designed for consistent application and long-term performance.

Typical Applications

EcoCast™ will successfully restore your concrete, brick, or corrugated metal storm and sewer pipes. It is particularly effective for large diameter pipe sections starting at 36".

  • Storm Drainage Culverts
  • Manholes & Wetwells
  • DOT Projects
  • Airport Projects
  • Culvert Rehabilitation and Culvert Renewal
THE EcoCast™ Advantage
  • EcoCast™ liners form a crystalline structure for higher resistance to acids and greater surface durability
  • Cures quickly providing shortened by-pass time and allows flows to be reestablished much quicker than Portland cement based mortars
  • EcoCast™ is exceptionally resistant to environmental factors like heat and cold and allows for extended application environments through batch temperature controls
  • EcoCast™ is a high strength fiber reinforced geopolymer specially designed for ease of use with mechanical pumping, spraying and application
  • EcoCast™ is designed to stick and adhere to virtually any surface; unlike traditional cement mortars, the geopolymer is capable of bonding and building to great thicknesses
  • An engineered, 100% fully manufactured product with no added non-contributing fillers
  • Qualifies for LEED credits and is Styrene free

IPR EcoCast Solution